Rapture: Day One

So it’s rather strange that I’ve decided to begin a blog on the date of the supposed “end-of-the-world”.  Not sure what kind of irony that implies, but nevertheless, I’m making my first entry into the world of the bloggers.  As the header states, this blog will probably have very little direction, other than to let me voice my thoughts and feelings at someone other than my husband.  (Ha ha.)

As I stare at the title I chose for my blog, it occurs to me that I have selected two polar opposite words in my life: one thing I cannot live without, and the other, alluding to what I wish I could live without.  Popcorn is my comfort food; some people have cigarettes, beer, coffee —- I have popcorn (although coffee is a close second).  The other, puzzles, alludes to autism, which has touched my family for 7 years.  Much of my blog will likely discuss the latter: the ups and downs, highs and lows, frustrations and tears, joy and laughter.  Maybe this will be a good place for me to place those ideas, to keep them from overwhelming me.  I’ve read countless blogs from other autism mommies and my inspiration to write has come from them.  I spend so much time and money on therapies for my son, I hope that this will serve as a therapy for ME.

I don’t intend to blog completely about autism.  There are countless other useless things to write about……….I’ll try to cover as many of those as I can, too.  🙂


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