I remember as a kid, the seesaw at the playground was so much fun.  When we take M to the park for his special-needs running team, it’s the first thing he goes for.  Why are seesaws so much fun, but the metaphorical ones we experience as adults SOOOO difficult?!?  

Today was one of those days where the ups and downs have completely drained me.  The day didn’t start out too well……..sometimes the stresses at home just do me in.  I get so tired of picking up socks, washing clothes, looking at miniature cars in every crack, crevice, and corner of my house, rushing in the morning because I stayed up too late watching Law and Order: SVU……..  This morning, I just snapped and ended up in a bad mood all the way to work.  When I arrived at work, one of my co-workers really, albeit inadvertently, cheered me up by asking me about “Glee” (another one of my favorite shows, although this season has, in a word, STUNK).    Want to put me in a better mood?  Ask me about TV or movies………one of my favorite co-workers cannot get over my wealth of useless entertainment trivia.  But I digress………  Later on in the morning, I received an e-mail from a good friend letting me know that she had scored four tickets the Jimmy Buffett concert in January (my first Buffett concert – YAY!).  I love having something to look forward to when the holiday rush is over.  So I got a few hours on the “up” end of the seesaw today.

But what goes up must come down……..ugh.  Yes, I love my job; I am so grateful to have a teaching job right now.  I have no complaints……………but nothing is perfect.  And sometimes the stuff OUTSIDE the classroom is the stuff that is tough to swallow.    (READ: First Friday of the month + Catholic school = monthly faculty meeting.)   But honestly, having those special co-workers with whom you can vent, laugh, and occasionally drink wine with in the evening, makes it all bearable. Trust me – tonight had ALL of that! Teaching is one of those professions where you NEED that.  

One of my friends and fellow autism mommies posted a question on her Facebook page regarding a new medication she’s trying for her child.  I noticed that another friend of hers commented with something to the effect of “We don’t believe in medication for our child.  Diet and a private school have been miracles for us.” Seriously?  Did you really have to waste precious keystrokes JUST to make someone else who is struggling with her child feel WORSE?  I sent my friend a private message commenting on this person’s statement and immediately my phone rang with her on the other end.  We got a great therapeutic laugh out of that.  

Now I sit her wrapping up my evening, watching my squeaky clean children ready for bed in their snuggly pajamas and thankful that their dad took over “shower duty” tonight.  Time to jump off the seesaw onto solid ground…………at least for a few hours!


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