I was thinking about all the different cable television channels that are out there now. There is literally something for everyone – sports fans, decorators, cooks, handymen, mechanics, fisherman – I could go on and on. Shouldn’t there be a channel for people with autism and their families? I can think of at least a dozen shows that we could broadcast on that channel! Here’s a sampling:

· UFC: Autism Version – This show would feature kicking, screaming, punching, and tantruming and all WITHOUT a special fighting ring! We autism parents are treated to this entertainment daily – and our kids don’t need to go through any extensive exercises or hire personal trainers!
· Top Chef: The Picky Eater Edition – This program will be a spotlight on all the delectable foods our kids enjoy – hot dogs, chicken nuggets (the kind that only get the breading eaten off), cheese, frozen pizza rolls (no cooking required – just grab ‘em right out of the freezer like my son!), spoonfuls of butter (much like the one I found on my kitchen table today),, Cheez-Its. There could be a special show on reinforcers that are used by our kids’ therapists ane teachers – Skittles, M & Ms, marshmallows, and chewy fruit snacks.
· Decorator Wars – My father-in-law thought up this one today when I was describing a situation in my home. I have been going through a battle of wills with Michael lately. I have my Christmas decor out right now, and have one particular piece on top of our DVD storage closet. Each morning, I find this pretty piece on the couch, replaced with one particular wooden puzzle from my son’s room. I also continually find Crocs all over the house instead of in the closet, pajama bottoms strewn on the furniture no matter how many times I put them in the hamper, and one particular plastic helicopter place on top of one of my family room tables instead of the toy box.
· Ceiling Fan – You know how some of the stations broadcast that “yule log” at Christmas time? Well, I going to run a 24-hour ceiling fan channel. Much like the Baby Einstein videos, this station will feature running ceiling fans. Maybe I’ll even get different fans from various parts of the world, just for an added cultural aspect.

So……..what other shows can we add to our lineup????


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