The iPod Nazi

So now, Michael has decided that he is the DJ when it comes to music in the car.  I have a wide variety of music on my iPhone……….from Van Halen, to “Glee” music, to The Cure, to Lady Gaga.  Every few months, Michael gets obsessed with certain songs.  For the few months before Christmas, I had to listen to “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train over, and over, and over, and over again.  This was not even a song that I had on my phone; Michael had heard it on the radio and on some commercial and asked for the song CONSTANTLY.  So, even though that catchy “hey-ey-ey-ey-ey” wasn’t a favorite of mine, I bought it for him through iTunes.  Well, Train has become passe.   We have now moved on to Maroon 5.  Yup, you know the one…..(cue whistling).  I happen to LOVE “Moves Like Jagger”.  I find it super catchy and pays tribute to one of the all-time classic rock greats (how excited was I when they mashed it up with “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” on Glee last week?!?).    Michael agrees.  However, as you know, iPods automatically list your songs alphabetically, and when Moves Like Jagger is over, the next song to come on in my eclectic mix is “Music” by Madonna.  Not exactly everyone’s favorite, but I like it enough to have it as a selection.  Michael has now taken a shine to that song, too………so much so that if I decide to choose another song OR shut the music off, he will begin to throw a lovely temper tantrum in the back seat of my car.    Today, we were listening to the radio, and the DJ played “Moves Like Jagger”.  Michael, of course, was happy and dancing in the back seat……….until the song was over and the disc jockey on that station actually had the NERVE to select another song which was “Genie in a Bottle” by Christina Aguilera………………and sooooo, the tantrum ensued.  At first, Christopher and I couldn’t figure out for the life of us what the tantrum was over.  He just kept yelling “It’s broken!  It’s broken!”.  And then something that sounded like “David” or something with a D.  That’s when I realized it.  He was saying “Mr. DJ! Mr. DJ!”…………which, in case you’re not a Madonna fan, is the first part of “Music”.

There are a number of songs that over time have been traditionally played in sequence – “We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions” by Queen, “Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding” by Elton John, and “Eruption/You Really Got Me” by Van Halen.  (My husband has actually wondered when Apple will modify the “Shuffle” feature on the iPhone/iPod so that those types of songs can stay together.)  I guess we’ll have a new set of songs to add to the list.    ;p


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