“Spring Break” in the land of autism…….

So most of the state of Florida seems to be enjoying a lovely Spring Break.  I see Facebook posts from my public school friends about hanging by the pool, going to the beach, getting nails done, etc.  I teach in a Catholic school, and we are NOT on Spring Break yet.  In fact, we are in the throes of standardized testing this week.  Don’t even get me started on how draining that in itself has been.  Michael, who DOES go to public school since he’s in an ESE cluster, IS on Spring Break this week.  However, it doesn’t seem like much of a vacation for him.

Michael attends a special-needs aftercare program that offers mini-camps throughout the year on public school teacher workdays, holiday breaks, and things like that.  Unfortunately, he didn’t get a spot in the Spring Break camp this year, due to under staffing, cutbacks, blah blah blah…….same old stuff.  So Mike and I had to scramble to find babysitters to cover four days this week. Thankfully, I at least get Friday off – a welcome reward after a week of “Now turn to page 26 of your testing booklet; find question 1; select the best answer for the question”.  I am starting to see the kids eyes glazing over every day.  Anyway, I digress……  We got most of the grandparents to come over this week and help out.  But staying home with Michael all day is hard……….heck staying home with Michael HALF a day is hard.  Both Monday and Tuesday when I came home from work, I arrived to a screaming, eye-rolling, biting, maniacal kid who seems like he wants to jump out of his skin.  Add to that the oh-so-fun attitude of Christopher whose listening skills seem to get left at school every day.  I don’t think Spring Break for Michael is a break at all.  I think he NEEDS to be in school daily.  Being in an unstructured environment is really detrimental to him.  Mommy doesn’t want to sit and force him to do workbaskets after school, or sit on the floor and put puzzle pieces together all afternoon.  Mommy’s beat.  Mommy needs a glass of wine and a house full of quiet.  Well, Mommy’s out o’luck this week.  Oh, Easter, you can’t get here soon enough!  Eight days of quiet……………oh wait, Christopher is on Spring Break with me.  Well, so much for that idea…….


2 thoughts on ““Spring Break” in the land of autism…….

  1. Oh, I wish I could! I’m not on break yet – WAAAAAAH. 😦 Michael’s the only one on break right now. You still up for Zumba on Thursday night?

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