Sometimes, small things make you stop and realize that there are some wonderful people in the world who happen to be connected to you, even in some small way. This week, two things happened, thanks to social media, that made me really remember how fortunate I am to know the people that I know.  Early this week, an elementary-middle-high school friend that I reconnected with on Facebook sometime ago, posted a beautiful article to my FB page about siblings of special needs kids.  Another college friend sent me a private message this morning asking timidly if she could send a survey to me for a Masters’ class because she needed some input from a special needs’ parent.   I was really touched by both of these gestures and it made me look back over the last 13 years and think about all the friends, both new and old, who have reached out to me and my family in some small way because of Michael.  Our family, has obviously, supported us in ways for which we can never express enough gratitude.   I have met some AMAZING people and one of my best friends through the special needs’ community here in our area, and Michael’s therapists and teachers have been top-notch.

But there are so many people whose voice I haven’t heard in years, who I haven’t seen face-to-face in decades, and yet, they have shown compassion, concern, friendship and love.  So to everyone who has sent a donation to Autism Speaks on our behalf, sent articles to me, shared dates/times for special autism-related TV segments, emailed or called me to ask how Michael is doing (and how our family is doing), I just want to say a tremendous, heartfelt THANK YOU.    You need to know how just a small gesture has made such a big impact on my life.