Heartache Tonight

It’s been a sad few weeks for the entertainment industry – we lost David Bowie, Natalie Cole, and Alan Rickman in less than a month.

And then today at about 4:45 PM, my husband is looking at his iPad, and suddenly gives me a strange look.  He turns the screen around, and there it is – “Glenn Frey, Found of the Eagles, dies at age 67”.  I thought he was playing a trick on me.  I seriously thought someone put up a phony story online.  But neither of those things was the truth.  He was really gone.

The Eagles were the soundtrack to my life.  My mom played the Greatest Hits album and Hotel California (on vinyl) over and over on the spindled record player from as far back as I can remember.   They came to South Florida sometime in the early 70’s and a friend of ours who went to the show brought my mom a concert t-shirt.  And 30-odd years later, all those songs continued to be played in my house, on my car radio, and on my Apple devices.  Now MY boys know nearly every song and lyric and see THEIR mom wearing a concert shirt.  An era has truly come to an end with Glenn’s death; especially in this family.

For years, my brother has forced me to defend those 4 guys by tormenting me with stories about how the Eagles were the ones who drove concert prices through the roof, how crappy they treated their former members and he just loves to bark that famous line from The Big Lebowski at me (“I hate the f***ing Eagles man!” – said by the Dude from the back seat of a taxi cab).   And yeah, I’ve shelled out a good amount of cash to see their shows (three of them).  But I wouldn’t change that for anything.

I guess for me, it was more about the music than the backstories.  It was the happiness that music has always brought me.  The familiarity of it and the way it made me feel.

How does any of this tie in to the theme of this blog, which is supposed to be about raising a child with autism?  Well, Michael is a music LOVER.  Nothing lights up that kid like classic rock.  Tonight I sat alone in my bedroom with my iPhone listening to all my Eagles songs…..and Michael came right in, curled up, and listened to Glenn, Don, Joe, and Tim, right along with me.  He snuggled with me during “Tequila Sunrise” and “Peaceful Easy Feeling”, and rocked out to “Heartache Tonight” and “Already Gone”.    I think somehow Michael GOT it.  He knew that something was off, and he really connected with me over it.

So I thank all four of those guys for all the music they contributed, both together and apart. And to Glenn, Godspeed to you and rest in peace.  Thank you for the tremendous gifts you gave to me and my family.  Music will never be the same.