Boom Boom Pow

No, this not the lyrics to the Black-eyed Peas song.  This is what my life sounds like without the radio even turned on.  I cannot remember what it’s like to visit with my very old friends “Peace” and “Quiet”.  At any given moment at home , you will hear the following sounds

  • a ball smacking the wall or floor
  • Michael screaming at the top of his lungs
  • Michael throwing something because he’s mad
  • Michael crying because some random toy isn’t doing what he wants
  •  feet pounding on the floor (usually Michael running on my hardwoods)
  • a squeaking mattress that Michael is jumping on
  • SpongeBob or (even worse) Pokemon blaring from the television
  • a wooden puzzle (or other flat wooden toy) that Michael is spinning on the floor or furniture
  • Michael repeating the phrase “One more. One more.” (For some reason he says this when he has helped himself to his umpteenth snack of the day. It’s like an alert “I have food! I have food!)

Oh, and regarding the holidays, I am finally learning to purchase decor that doesn’t play music or cute little sayings, unless it is something I don’t mind hearing 100,000 times a day.  Take, for example, the little mechanical mummy that I thought was so cute last Halloween.  It sings and dances to “The Cupid Shuffle”.  After one day, I was ready to shuffle that toy right out the front door into the swimming pool.   All tree ornaments that have buttons to push for music or sweet little inspirational Christmas sayings have climbed to the top of the tree out of Michael’s reach.  I had a nice little Peanuts ornament last year with Linus reciting the gospel of Luke from the Christmas special.  Poor little Linus didn’t make the final cut this year.  (Frankly, I’m not even sure where that one ended up; probably at the bottom of a toy box somewhere.)

None of this bothers me all that much most of the time.  It just so happens that today I have a splitting headache, a Christmas party to attend, and a class full of students who, for some reason, today of all days, could not stop approaching me and saying my name for more than 30 seconds.  Any other day, they’re usually fine to work on their own.  It’s like they sense that I’m not feeling good and suddenly become helpless.

Ah……such holiday fun.